2009-2013 - Performing over 550 shows at Staqatto's Dueling Pianos Show in Saskatoon, SK  

2003-2009 - 300 shows across Western Canada in The Ed Sullivan Show - performing tributes including Elton John, Jerry Lee Lewis and Paul McCartney

1993-2003 - 10 years touring with Marilyn Faye Parney across Canada, France, Australia, USA  www.marilynfayeparney.com/marilyntour.htm

2001 France / Europe - tour with Marilyn Faye Parney - headlined the biggest country music festival in Europe - performing with backup band the Road Riders from France

1997 Australia - seven week tour through Western Australia (south west corner) - perform 13 shows and receive great reviews and press (Marilyn Faye Parney)

1997 Gold Eagle Casino (New Years Eve 97, North Battleford, SK) - perform to a crowd of 3000 throughout the night (Marilyn Faye Parney)

1997 Craven Country Music Festival, Craven SK - open Saskatchewan's biggest music festival on the main stage (Marilyn Faye Parney)

1997 Ramada Renaissance Hotel (Calgary Stampede 97) - perform everyday to great reviews (Marilyn Faye Parney)

1997 Watrous Country Music Festival - perform for 2000 people (Marilyn Faye Parney)

1997 Blackfoot Inn Pancake Breakfast (Calgary Stampede 97) - entertainment for huge morning breakfast at Stampede (Marilyn Faye Parney)

1997 Saskatchewan Country Music Awards (Saskatoon, Centennial Auditorium) - perform (Marilyn Faye Parney).  Marilyn wins Entertainer of the Year for Saskatchewan

1996 Saskatchewan Country Music Awards (Regina, SK) - perform at award show (Marilyn Faye Parney)

1996 Sundre Rodeo (Sundre, AB) - perform for rodeo cabaret (Marilyn Faye Parney)

1996 Calgary Stampede Week (Calgary, AB) - perform all week at Kelseys (Marilyn Faye Parney)

1995 Saskatchewan Country Music Awards (Saskatoon, SK, Centennial Auditorium) - perform (Marilyn Faye Parney)

1995 Grey Cup Week (Regina, SK) - headline the opening night ceremonies (Marilyn Faye Parney)

1995 Project Discovery (Shaw Cable, Saskatoon, SK) - film for TV program (The Secretions)

1993 Watrous Country Music Festival (Watrous, SK) - perform for 2000 people (What's His Name And The Other Guys)

1993 Yamaha Band Wars (Saskatoon, SK, Sutherland Hotel) - place high in performance (The Shade)

1993 Fringe Week (Saskatoon, SK) - perform at the Firehall Restaurant (H'Rattitude)

1991 Gateway Players (Saskatoon, SK) - Cotton Patch Gospel musical - act / sing and play in the musical

1991 Album Release Party (Saskatoon, SK, The Bassment) - release self-titled album and perform (Blackberry Way)

1991 Headline Music Festival (Regina, SK) - alternative bands (The Smokin Crawdads)

1990 Humboldt Community Players Pub Night (Humboldt, SK) - play bass in the house band

1990 Billy Bob - guest appear with my dad's band

1990 Telemiracle Fundraiser (Leroy, SK) - perform solo vocals/piano for fundraiser

1988-90 Perform Vice Regal Salute - for two Governor Generals

1987 Sing in Mass Chor - for Saskatoon Festival of Faith

1987 Saskatoon Chamber Singers Concert - play Double Bass

1987 Noah's Flood Opera (Knox Church, Saskatoon, SK) - play Double Bass

1986-87 Saskatchewan Honour Groups Annual Performances - member, play Double Bass

1982 Musical "Scrooge" (Centennial Auditorium, Saskatoon, SK) - singer/dancer




2010-present Saskatoon local history archiving data and reading through old Star Phoenix articles collecting articles and advertisements

2010-present Saskatchewan Cemeteries and Graveyard Project - filming every cemetery in Central Saskatchewan.   www.saskatoonsnaps.com/graveyard.htm

2008-present Family History and Genealogy - tracing records and documents and building family trees  www.saskatoonsnaps.com/graveyard.htm

2007-present Ancient History, Religion & Sociology of the human Race.  Teaches historical facts every day on Facebook as "history man" under Terry Hoknes

2006-present Dark Shadows - fan of this cult classic TV series gothic soap opera starring Jonathan Frid and Laura Parker and Kathryn Leigh Scott

1998-present Website designer for many websites including Tusq Restaurant www.tusq.ca  The Duo  www.theduo.ca  Saskatoon Snaps www.saskatoonsnaps.com and more

1982-present Songwriter - composer of over 1100 songs (all musical genres)

1981-present Record / CD Collector - owns thousands of musical recordings 

collecting a copy of every Top 10 Pop Hit of the past 80 years

1981-present Music historian and pop sales / radio charts historian

1992-present Writing books on Investing in Comic Books and a book on collecting Weebles toys  www.saskatoonsnaps.com/weebles.htm

1981-present Stamp Collector - Canadian postage - have almost all of past 100 years

1984-present Inventor of personal choice music artists daily charts boosting system

1977-present Science Fiction Fan - Star Wars, Doctor Who, Planet Of The Apes,

extensive video tape, magazine, and comic collection

1988-92 Editor / Writer of music history magazine "Yesterday And Today"

1991 Editor / Writer of Beatles tribute magazine "Sgt. Peppers Only Fan Club Band"

Bowling, Bike Riding, Swimming, Frisbee, Tennis, Miniature Golf, Typing





















Terry Hoknes is a singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist and music producer.

Full time music performer and traveling musician for over 30 years and has performed over 2,000 gigs.

Since the age of 10 Terry Hoknes has devoted his life to music. What started with piano lessons and singing along with Beatles records led to a professional career in various aspects of the music business.

He has performed throughout Australia, France, Canada and the USA. Over the years he has performed virtually every type of music including: pop, country, rock, blues, punk, jazz, classical, bluegrass, rap, heavy metal, alternative, musicals.

Has written over 1,100 songs and has hundreds of music videos online. 

Terry has been nominated for musician of the year 20 times at the SCMA (Saskatchewan Country Music Association) since 1993.


Terry Hoknes has performed, gigged or jammed with almost every player to ever come out of Saskatoon at some point plus many top entertainers from Canada, the USA and France including Jordan Cook, Tim Vaughn, One Bad Son, Lyn Besse Smith, Shayne Lazarowich, Dara Shindelka, Glenn Ens, Carla Carignan, Tom Chunick, Tom Kennedy, Gillian Snider, Fabian Minnema, Fred Eaglesmith Band, Marilyn Faye Parney, Big Dave Maclean, Josh Palmer, The Cruzeros, Kelly Read, Secretions, England, Doug Hergott, BC Read, Rick Zona, Dan Hicks, Ed Robertson, Smokin' George, Bill Watson, Angie Tysseland, Andrea Menard, H'rattitude, Anna Bekolay, The Road Riders (France), Tom Palmer, The Drowned, Xylon, Rick Hamilton, Rick Van Dusen, Green River, Liverpool, the Vexations, Ovide Pilon, Neil Currie, Brad King, Glen Royer, The Shade, Saskatoon Symphony, Corelli Strings, Saskatoon Youth Orchestra, members of April Wine, members of The Sheepdogs, BC Read & the Big Blues Band, members of Strawberry Fields (Beatles tribute from New York), Three String Fretless, jazz ensembles - hard rock - rap - classical - you name it - hundreds more!!!

Terry can be reached at (306) 270-9387 or (306) 343-6597

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada  hoknes@hotmail.com

Since the age of 10 Terry Hoknes has devoted his life to music.  What started with piano lessons and singing along with Beatles records has lead to a professional career in various aspects of the music business.

Has been performing live professionally since the minute he turned legal age.  He has performed over 2000 professional gigs over the last 30 years.  That doesn't count all the volunteer work, jam sessions, fill-in's etc he has participated in.   

He has now performed over 750 shows as the leader of the Dueling Pianos Show in Saskatchewan and performed 500 shows with Neil Currie, 300 shows with Brad King, and 200 shows with Mark Zielke.  The fun request show allows Terry to sing from his repertoire of 2000 hit songs   

Since 2003 he has performed 500 shows across Western Canada performing as an impersonator of Elton John, Roy Orbison and Paul McCartney and Jerry Lee Lewis. 

From 1993 to 2003 he toured for 10 years around the world with Marilyn Faye Parney (Saskatchewan Country Music Entertainer of the Year, Canada).  www.marilynfayeparney.com    In 2001 they were asked to headline Europe's largest country music festival in France along with Marilyn Faye Parney.   The show was introduced by David Soul (Starsky and Hutch) and performed in front of a huge crowd of approx 20,000 people in the rain.  He has performed throughout Australia, France, Canada and the USA.

Over the years he has performed virtually every type of music including: pop, country, rock, blues, punk, jazz, classical, bluegrass, rap, heavy metal, alternative, musical.


Terry started piano lessons at the age of 8 and ukulele in school.  He quickly spread over to guitar, bass guitar, double bass, drums, organ, church organ, saxophone, mandolin and also in vocals, music theory and study towards a music degree at the University of Saskatchewan.  

He has been teaching music lessons full time on most of these instruments and has now taught over 10,000 private lessons with students ages 3 to 80 !

He teaches:  Guitar / Piano / Bass / Vocals / Cello / Violin / Double Bass / Drums / Ukulele / Mandolin / Flute / Theory / Songwriting / Recording / Rock band management


Terry began songwriting at the age of 11 (May 1982) and has now written over 1100 compositions once again covering virtually all types of music (country, rock, blues, dance, adult contemporary, hip-hop, progressive rock, folk, classical, jazz, rap, hard rock, gospel etc.)  Co-written songs with numerous writers over the years and is always interested in writing with others and has many songs to pitch to you for your next project.    On his recordings he writes, arranges, produces, sings and performs all instruments on all his self released CD's.    In 2002 in Nashville he co-wrote a song with John Greenebaum (author of the worldwide #1 country song Third Rock From The Sun). He has c-written with over 30 songwriters and continually writes and records songs in every genre.   Marilyn Faye Parney and Terry Hoknes co-wrote all of the songs on her last album "Sultry Summer Nights".  He continues to write and record in his personal recording studio and has recorded over 200 songs so far that he wrote.


Session Musician / Producer / Arranger for Demo Recordings

Due to the thousands of hours spent writing songs over the years he became interested in recording and has now is doing digital recording in his home where he has recorded many albums of his own songs in various genres. 

He has recorded hundreds of demos and a few full length album releases for himself and for other acts.  Most of his recordings were done in his own studio since he can not only record the songs but also play all the instruments, do all the vocals, write and arrange the songs and use any sequencing needed .  Therefore everything you need to record a song can be done in his studio "The Dream".  Terry has 900 performances posted on youtube so click to hear any of them

You can also hear clips from Terry's CD's at www.myspace.com/orangelucyband 

Other music and video clips can be heard at the following websites:


In 2009 Terry teamed up with writer Sam Scott to create a musical titled CHILL which is being promoted and features a cast of Saskatchewan singers including Caitlin Brown, Trevor Bragg, Riane LePaire, Bryndis Thorsteinson and others.  Terry wrote all the music and played all in the instruments ont he original cast soundtrack recording.  http://www.saskatoonsnaps.com/chill.htm


Due to his love of The Beatles he was considered a "Beatles trivia expert" by the time he was in Grade 5.  His fascination with the history of pop music grew and grew.  He began collecting books on music history and began analyzing the weekly Billboard Music Charts to stay on top of the industry and the trends of radio and his listeners.  To this date Terry still stays on top of the top songs on the pop, rock, and country charts in the USA and Canada.  He has been doing his own weekly favorite music charts now for 26 years!!  He is the king of trivia and is the world champion at music trivia on the Maxx trivia games system.  

Terry put out his own fanzine of music history titled Yesterday And Today when he was 17 and later would become a DJ where he hosted a weekly radio program on the history of pop music covering the music trends of 1940 to 1992.  These shows titled "History Lesson" are all available on CD for anyone interested in knowing how things really happened!    In 2001 he started the billboard charts email group online which now consists of almost 400 members worldwide who discuss all aspects of music charts new and old.   You can join by sending an email to billboardcharts-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

In 2012 Terry attempted to make the Guinness Book World of Records for taking his music data and compiling the worlds largest detailed song list - Terry's personal TOP 4500 Greatest Songs Of All Time list at http://www.saskatoonsnaps.com/favoritesongs.htm


From professional music videos to interest in archiving cemeteries, wedding ceremonies, local music talent, family history etc Terry has over 3,000 videos posted on http://www.youtube.com under the account "hoknes".   His videos in total have been watched 350,000 times and he constantly adds more videos for public viewing.    He promotes his own music online through music videos and also makes videos for other performers etc.  He has turned 1/2 of his house into a giant chroma-key green screen video studio. 


Terry's interest in music and history led him to start filming documentaries on specific music/history themed projects.   In 2001 he went to Hamburg, Germany to film the Reeperbahn and the clubs and area that The Beatles originally performed at during 1960-1962.   In 2002 Terry went to New York to film the ruins of the World Trade Center and all the tributes and banners posted throughout Manhattan.  In 2002 he went to Memphis, Tennessee for the 25th anniversary of the death of Elvis Presley filming 30 different locations and sites that Elvis had lived, worked at or was connected with during his life.   In 2004 he filmed a video showcasing all the Saskatoon locations relating to Joni Mitchell.    Terry has also filmed many weddings, music events and concerts and other historic events in Saskatoon.   Some samples of clips can be seen on youtube.com   He started a new green screen chromakey video and audio studio in 2011 and has made numerous official music videos which can be seen by going to www.youtube.com and searching for Terry Hoknes Official.

He has filmed music videos and tons of live performances for bands such as:  One Bad Son, All Together Now, Walker Stone, Skaravan 1969, BC Read, Lyn Besse McGinnis, Tom Kennedy, Glenn Adair, Marilyn Faye Parney, Glen Royer, Max Karama, Ovide Pilon, Kelly Read, Wilma Groenen, and many more


Began sequencing music for Marilyn Faye Parney's show in 1994 when we decided to try this new technology and would it be the main focus of the live show for 10 years.  Terry and Marilyn could tour as a duo yet sound like a 6 piece band.  Terry put together an extensive set list of over 20 hours worth of material to perform live with over 700 songs sequenced.  (rock, country, pop, blues, alternative, gospel, etc)  He has created sequences that are being used by performers and bands all across North America. 


Terry began collecting vinyl records when he was 10 and had 4000 albums and singles by the time he was 18.  He began a mission of trying to collect a copy of every song to make the Top 10 from 1940 to 1990.  In 2000 he switched formats and now collects music recordings in mp3 format.  He now has every hit song to ever make national radio from 1940-2011 and has over 100,000 songs currently in mp3 format.  


Terry got his first taste of speaking/performing in front of a big crowd when he was asked to host his school assemblies in Grade 5 and 8.  Terry began playing along with his Beatles records with his best friend, Zender Millar (who now performs bass with Oral Fuentes http://oralfuentes.com/main.cfm ).  They began to learn songs and record them.  This eventually led to Terry to begin songwriting and studying music history. 

Terry gave himself the nickname of Doc Rock! in 1986 when he was in high school because his life revolved around music.  He doesn't use the nickname anymore but many of his friends from the early 90's still call him by his nickname.   He now is nicknamed Orange Lucy which is also the name of his current original music band.

Terry studied his first year of University at St Peters College (Muenster, SK).  He performed the church organ at numerous special church services at St Peters College (1990).  After that year he moved back home and worked as the Stage Manager for Corelli Strings Orchestra at the University of Saskatchewan (1990-92)  and he was the stage manager and played double bass in the University of Saskatchewan Wind Orchestra (1990).

Now that he was 19 he joined his first bar band The Smoking Crawdads which mixed 60's british rock with modern punk and some of Terry's originals too!  Mark Rogstad (lead vocals, guitar), Gerard Saretsky (vocals, lead guitar), Jed Evans (drums)

He helped entertain children at the Saskatchewan Children's Festival (1990-91) and in 1991 he sang, played double bass and acted in a role in Harry Chapin's musical "Cotton Patch Gospel" put on by Gateway Players Drama Company.  Along with Saretsky and Evans of The Smoking Crawdads they went off and put out a album of 60's inspired originals as "Blackberry Way" which received heavy airplay from the local community radio station.

From 1991 to 1993 Terry hosted his own radio program on the history of pop music in America covering the years 1940 to 1992 called "History Lesson" on CFCR FM 90.5 which aired weekly for 85 shows.  He wrote his own scripts and used material mostly from his own extensive library.  He also was one of a number of hosts during a jazz program titled "Swing Shift".

In late 1991 Terry started up the International "Planet Of The Apes" Fan Club with its own bi-monthly fanzine.  Terry had always had a fascination with this science fiction movie series and began to share info about the series with members from Canada, USA, England, Germany, Brazil and Australia. He has been the president and publisher since then.  He has self published all 50 issues of the fanzine "Ape Chronicles".  When the new POTA movie came out in 2001 radio stations and journalists around the world were contacting Terry for interviews and his reviews of the film.

He began working at both Tramps Music locations in Saskatoon, hired to sell music (1991-93) but became more and more interested in comic books.   When Tramps Music opened a separate store for comic books, Terry began working there from its opening day at Collectors Edge (1993).

At this time he joined his first serious touring band What's His Name And The Other Guys (1992-93) with Doug Bodie (vocals, guitar, banjo, mandolin), Keith Read (vocals, drums) and Kelly Read (vocals, guitar).   He also started up a band called The Shade (1992-93) with Rob Ford (bass) and Kevin Buzinski (drums), which played many of Terry's originals plus obscure covers by Terry's favorite "never-heard-of" bands. 

For a short stint in 1993 Terry co-ran the music jams each week at Stan's Place with Keith Read.    During that same year he began co running a jam with Doug Bodie at Morleys Restaurant in the Sutherland area (1993).  For a short period in 1994 along with Keith Read, co-ran a jam at the Riviera Club.  

Terry teamed up with Angie Tysseland and Andrea Menard for their female blues group performing throughout Saskatoon in 1993-1994 and recording one album that Terry produced and played the double bass and the drums on. 

From 1993-2003 Terry worked full time traveling and performing with Marilyn Faye Parney, Saskatchewan Country Music Entertainer of the Year '97.  He has been the full time music director of touring, co-ordinator of musicians, arranging/sequencing material, sound tech, roadie, and has had a big hand in promoting the show, designing newsletters, and has also been in charge of recording demos as engineer and session musician.    

Terry performed full time in The Ed Sullivan Show, tribute shows 2003-2009 including the bands England, Liverpool (tribute to the Beatles in full costume), Elton John (Terry's personal tribute on piano in full costume) and also tributes to CCR, The Monkees, The Dave Clark Five, Jerry Lee Lewis, Elvis Presley, The Beach Boys and The Everly Brothers. www.hoknes.com/tributes.htm 

Terry has also been teaching music lessons full time privately  He also taught full time through Custom Music Lessons run by Mike Vancha out of Regina from 2005 to 2008.  He gives private music lessons in music theory, guitar, bass guitar and piano, organ, drums, mandolin, singing, cello, violin, recording, arranging songwriting.   He has now taught over 3000 lessons.

Since 1990 Terry has performed on albums / CD's / demo recordings for:  Marilyn Faye Parney, Bob Pringle, Andrea Menard and Angie Tysseland as H'Rattitude, Joel Grundahl, Cidne Treen, Xylon, Liv-In-Stereo, Les Barrington, The Secretions, Keith Read, Dale Enns, Bob Hoknes, Ovide Pilon / England / Liverpool, Damon Cozens, Glen Royer and Bill Risling, and the musical Chill.

He has been seriously buying comics since 1994 when he started buying books that he knew he could make a profit in which led to him selling books through Adelphi's Music from 1994-1996.  Since 1998 he sells exclusively through the Internet.  He spends many hours researching the history of comic books and their investment potential and stays in contact with many comic dealers throughout North America.   Terry hit the internet in May 1998 and quickly became a big time seller/buyer on the auction site ebay - at one point he was possibly the biggest seller in all of Canada.  He has now sold over $1 million worth of collectibles on ebay and continues strong.       He has now written 100 books specifically on the topic of Investing in vintage collectible Comic Books.  He has also been the editor and publisher of "Ape Chronicles" the fanzine dedicated to the sci-fi movie series "Planet Of The Apes" for the past 20 years and published 50 magazines all about the apes franchise.  He has also compiled and published 700 different Episode Guide Books on various TV shows.    He also published the first Weebles toyline price guide in 2011 and also books on The Beatles analyzing music theory, Rare 8-track cassettes and the last Reel To Reel music albums of the 1980's.  He currently is researching Saskatoon history and working on a series of books.   www.terryhoknes.com/saskatoon.htm  

Terry's hosts and runs the Duo Competition in Saskatoon each season including organizing, promoting, website design, video filming and production.  www.theduo.ca

Terry has some great items available for those in the music industry in Saskatchewan who would like to record, songwrite/co-write, perform, obtain sequences for their show, obtain copies of songs to learn and obtain copies of Terry's radio show which will educate you on the history of pop music.  Click here for more info in Terry's Dream


2009-2019 Dueling Pianos Show - Terry Hoknes has performed over 750 shows in Western Canada

2018-2019 All Together Now - Singer Songwriter Roots Trio with Lyn Besse McGinnis and Tom Kennedy

2018-2019 That 70's Show - Touring Concert act playing hits of the 1970's with Gillian Snider, Fabian Minemma, Peter Abonyi

2016-2019 The Sixties Show - Touring Concert/Dance act playing hits of the 1960's with Dale Swistun, Bob Hoknes, Mike Mapes, Ken Adair.

2006-2019 Three String Fretless - named after Terry's 3 string fretless Yamaha Bass Guitar (because its missing a string LOL) with Kelly Read and Brent Taylor, Keith Read, Theo Brown, Tom Cunningham.

1998-2019 England / Liverpool (Beatles tribute) / CCR Tribute / Everly Brothers Tribute / Elton John Tribute / Kenny Rogers Tribute - with Ovide Pilon, Glen Royer, Roy Sydiaha, Ken Rinehart, Bob Hoknes and Brad (bass guitar, keyboards, backup vocals, country/classic rock)

2006-2007 Orange Lucy - Terry Hoknes (lead vocals, lead guitar) with Branden Neufeldt (guitar)

1993-2006 Marilyn Faye Parney (Duo and Full Band) (lead guitar, bass guitar, piano, sequencing, lead vocals, country/classic rock)

1993-2003 Marilyn Faye Parney - country and classic rock.  Terry started out as bass guitarist and then switched to keyboards and then to lead guitar and also did sequencing.

1996 Pardy Hardy Boys - with Bob Hoknes (guitar, sequencing, lead singer, country and classic rock)

1994 Kelly Read - with Kelly Read and Keith Read (bass guitar, keyboards, backup singer, acoustic rock)

1994-95 The Secretions - with Dale Enns, Dan Hicks, Curtis Cooper and Keith Read (bass guitar, backup singer, acoustic blues/rock)

1993 H'Rattitude - with Angie Tysseland and Andrea Menard (double bass, backup singer, jazz/pop trio)

1992-93 What's His Name And The Other Guys - with Doug Bodie, Kelly Read and Keith Read (bass guitar, keyboards, backup vocals, country/light rock/bluegrass)

1992-93 The Shade - with Rob Ford and Kevin Buzinski (lead guitar, songwriter, lead singer, grunge alternative rock/garage rock)

1991 Blackberry Way - with Gerard Saretsky and Jed Evans (lead singer, bass guitar, songwriter, 60's rock/originals).  Reunited in 2016 for a new album

1990-91 The Smokin' Crawdads - with Mark Rogstad, Gerard Saretsky and Jed Evans (bass guitar, backup singer, punk/60's rock)

1989-93 Doc Rock! (solo project for recording originals)

1989-91 Xact - with Nels Krauss (recording project for originals)

1990 Six Ale On A Wednesday - band formed for Humboldt Community Players show

1990 Ethel Merman And The Bass Dude - Duo formed for jamming

1989 Tone Joke - with Darcy Burback (recorded funny rap songs)

1987-89 Doc Rock! And Krauss - with Nels Krauss (recording project for originals)

1988 The Kiss of Jazz - with Kevin Macza and others (jazz group formed from jazz students)

1988 Just Us - with Sheldon (duo piano/drums - perform originals)

1986-87 Apple Jam - with Zender Millar and Curtis (rock trio for jamming)

1982-86 The Recorders - with Zender Millar, Leslie Hoknes (record covers/jam)

1983 The Bassment Band - (jam with relatives)


1994-98 Nominations at the Saskatchewan Country Music Awards

Bass Guitarist of the Year 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998

Keyboard Player of the Year 1995, 1996, 1997. 1998

Backup Band "Rose County" for Marilyn Faye Parney 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998

Guitar Player of the Year 1997, 1998

Producer of Year "Rose County Xmas" for M Parney 1995

1997        Songwriting Competition - "Early Snow" by Terry Hoknes/Marilyn Faye Parney placed in Top 300 of 3000 entries with certificate.

1995 Sun 102, CD - finalist - The Secretions - song "Beaten By The Social Graces"5

1992-93 Band Wars - competed in finals with band The Shade at Ryly’s (twice)

1992 C-95, Cityworks CD - finalist - Doc Rock! & The Far Side picked - song "How Come No Smiles"

1990 St. Peter’s College - for donating many hours to school activities

1988 Royal Conservatory of Music - Grade 2 degree in Music Rudiments/Theory

1988 Western Board of Music - Grade 6 degree in Pipe Organ

1988 Aden Bowman Collegiate - Graduation Plaque for being involved

1988 Saskatoon Music Festival - 1st Place awards (two) for Pipe Organ

1987-88 Aden Bowman Collegiate - School achievement award for music involvement

1988 Russell Green Memorial Pipe Organ Scholarship

1987 Saskatoon Youth Orchestra - Valued Member Award

1987 Saskatoon Music Festival - 1st Place awards (two) for Pipe Organ

1986 Aden Bowman Collegiate - Orchestra Class, Grade 10 Award of Recognition

1985 Saskatoon Music Festival - 1st Place award for Spinet Organ

1982 Saskatoon Music Festival - 1st Place award for Vocal Solo

1979 International Council of Women Contest - 1st Place award for Poster done in school


1990-93 and 2008 University of Saskatchewan, Music Education, Double Bass Major, Saskatoon

1989-90 St. Peter’s College, 1st Year Arts and Science, Muenster, SK

1987-89 Nutana Collegiate (Grade 12/ Graduate 1988), Saskatoon, SK

1984-87 Aden Bowman Collegiate, Grade 9-11, Saskatoon, SK

1983-84 John Lake School, Grade 8, Saskatoon, SK

1979-83 Victoria School, Open School, Grade 4-7, Saskatoon, SK

1977-79 John Lake School, Grade 2-3, Saskatoon, SK

1976-77 Confederation Park School, Grade 1, Saskatoon, SK

1975-76 Queen Elizabeth School, Kindergarten, Saskatoon, SK

Best High School Marks:  Music: Guitar, Typing, General Math, General Ed and Journalism


Terence Allen Hoknes was born on January 15th 1971 to Bonney Walters (Saskatchewan Children's Festival) and  Bob Hoknes (professional singer/guitarist).

He was raised along with his younger sister Leslie (Library technician) in a small family with close ties to their grandparents: Les Walters (owner of Walters Cycle Co.) and Jeanne Walters (involved with music: Saskatoon Opera, Symphony, Music Festivals) and great grandparent Marie Brown (who used to give Terry money each week to go by Beatles records when he was 10).  


1993-2003 Marilyn Faye Parney - Country Music Performer,

Tour Western Canada full time, performing clubs, rodeo dances, cabarets, dances

1992-93 What’s His Name and the Other Guys - Country Music Performer

Tour Saskatchewan performing at clubs, dances, weddings

1988-89 Banff Center of Arts, Banff Alberta - Study Double Bass

1987-89 University Jazz Classes - study piano and Bass guitar

1987-89 Saskatoon Youth Orchestra - Double bass, travel to Surrey BC, Regina, Moose Jaw, Prince Albert

1987 Aden Bowman Collegiate Band Tour - play across Alberta with Stage Band, bass guitar

1980-86 Saskatoon Music Summer Workshop - Aden Bowman collegiate, study Double Bass, Drums

1983 Saskatchewan Music Summer Workshop - Fort Qu’apelle, SK, Classical guitar with Wilson & McAllister


2001-present Billboard Charts email newsgroup - owner billboardcharts-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

1998-present Ebay auctions hoknes@hotmail.com 

1991-present International Planet Of The Apes Fan Club - Editor / Writer of club  www.planetoftheapesfanclub.com 

1991-92 and 2005-2006 Canadian Doctor Who Science Fiction Fan Club - National Club Member

1991-92 American Doctor Who Science Fiction Fan Club - Club Member

1986-89 Saskatoon Youth Orchestra - Double Bass, perform, tour, classical reportoire

1986-87 Aden Bowman Stage Band - Bass Guitar, perform and tour

1986-87 Saskatchewan Honour Orchestra - Double Bass, perform, tour, classical reportoire

1983-85 Saskatoon Junior Stamp Club - J S Wood Library - weekly

1982-83 Saskatoon Boys Choir


(years of playing / years of formal lessons)

Piano (32 / 7)

Vocals (29 / 1)

Drums (29 / 2)

Guitar (29 / 2)

Bass Guitar (27 / 1)

Classical Guitar (27 / 3)

Spinet Organ (26 / 2)

Double Bass (26 / 8)

Church pipe Organ (25 / 2)

Music Theory (25 / 6)

Saxaphone (no more / 3)

Ukulele (no more / 3)

Mandolin (beginner / 0)

Tennis (1981-83) Mendel Art Lessons (1982)


Dan Hicks (306) 382-4954, Saskatoon, SK - Sunlight Painting / Owner / operator

Ovide Pilon (306) 668-6141, Saskatoon, SK - Tributes - Liverpool / Owner  

Doug Sulipa (204) 346-3674, Steinbach, MB - Doug Sulipa's Comic World / Owner / operator

Marilyn Faye Parney (306) 882-3190, Rosetown, SK - Performer, Saskatchewan Country Music Entertainer of the Year

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