SASKATOON History - Massive Project of Terry Hoknes

Terry has a long term plan of compiling a series of books based on different themes with the history of the city.  He is reading through 1 million pages of the Star Phoenix and collecting every historic and interesting article and advertisement.    Terry has so far collected 20,000 clippings which are all available on this website covering 1960-1979 by clicking on this link

Saskatoon Memories & History group on facebook with 15,000 members at:

Terry has filmed over 5,000 tombstones in graveyards throughout central Saskatchewan and you can watch them all at:

Terry runs a Saskatoon Musician history group on Facebook at:

Eleanor Kennedy is collecting every obituary for Saskatoon pre-WW2 and has thousands collected at her website at:

Star Phoenix 1967-1987 issues can be read online at:

Henderson Directories for Saskatoon 1908-1965 are found online at :

8mm home movies of Saskatoon and area 1946-1973 can be seen archived here filmed by Terry's grandfather Les Walters of Walters Cycle Co.


Saskatoon 1960's - Music, Art, Drama and Culture

The entire Book Series year by year - the ultimate resource guides to everything that happened in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

Saskatoon - The Music Scene - 50 years ago !

- showcasing original advertisements from The Star Phoenix, The Sheaf and private collections

- original posters, playbills, concert brochures and pamphlets

- calendar and index of all music concerts and performers in Saskatoon during the year

- Interviews and biographies of dozens of the most important and influential Saskatoon citizens in the arts (musicians, directors, conductors, actors)

- Saskatoon musical groups (Orchestras, Choirs, Concert Bands, Church groups, Dance groups) - brochures, membership lists

This series of books being created by Terry Hoknes is the most extensive collection and thorough analysis of the city reliving a great moment in our cities history.

Each book is being compiled right now in 2019 and you can help contribute by contacting Terry at  (306) 270-9387

Terry is still collecting information - band names, band members, photographs, set lists, concert pamphlets and brochures.  

We plan to continue this series into eventually covering every year of the 1960's and 1970's.   


Terry Hoknes has been part of the music community of Saskatoon himself for 37 years (first performing in the musical Scrooge at the Centennial Auditorium in 1982)

Terry has now performed over 2,000 music concerts.  His father Robert Hoknes has been performing music as well since 1968 (now his 51st year)

Terry's grandmother Jeanne Walters has been involved heavily in the drama, art and music communities of Saskatoon for 80 years and passed away in 2018 !


This Saskatoon cultural arts project is very thorough and will be published in a series of books - one book per year. I am starting my series of books with a complete analysis of the years 1968, 1969 and 1970 to cover the 50th anniversary of the culture of Saskatoon. Each book will cover over 1,000 original advertisements and articles from the Star Phoenix and The Sheaf newspapers in Saskatoon. Dozens of active members of the Saskatoon arts community will be interviewed this year as they look back at life in Saskatoon 50 years ago and also document their own biographies never before documented. This is an important project to document the arts scene from all forms such as music, drama, art, dance, city culture and growth and important news stories unique to Saskatoon. This series of books is the ultimate time capsule. It is important that these interviews happen with our aging community. A group of 3 books is planned to be created simultaneously as there is overlapping in the people involved in the community. The bulk of time needed to create this project is the research and collecting and sorting of the thousands of articles that I have to find and compile. I want this book to be very thorough covering everything in detail which is why I have decided to do a series of books - this is the only chance for a project like this to ever be compiled and published so I want to be very detailed. This book series will be a great encyclopedia of Saskatoon culture and pay tribute to all of those who contributed in the arts and the development of Saskatoon. Its a great resource and history book for the city, the arts community, libraries, and the participants and their families. The book series will be joined by a new website featuring the history of Saskatoon culture. 6 month timeline from start to finish: 4 steps: #1 Find, research, sort all the related articles. #2 Set up and complete all interviews. #3 Compile, layout and finish the book. #4 Marketing the book.

Focusing in all aspects of the arts - music, theatre, art, dance, radio, city development. I want to interview those local residents who worked in the arts and showcase their story and biography that has never been told before it's too late. Due to the massive goal of my project I want to publish a new encyclopedia style book series. Each book in the series focuses on one specific year in the history of Saskatoon's cultural arts community. I have therefore chosen to go back and simultaneously study the activities of 1968, 1969, 1970. Here is my timeline for dealing with working on 3 simultaneous books and/or years. 1970 - research of vintage newspaper articles, clippings etc gathered during February 2018 1969 - research of vintage newspaper articles, clippings etc gathered during March 2019 1968 - research of vintage newspaper articles, clippings etc gathered during April 2018 Simultaneously I am interviewing people and collecting data online with a team of volunteers who lived during this era and can help fill in the blanks of missing info lost after 50 years. The Star Phoenix published approx 12,000 pages per year which I am reading continually. I am ahead of schedule reading through all of them and collecting information and articles/ads for submission in the book. This is very time consuming but I am at a good pace of reading through newspapers at approx 50 hours per week until I'm done. I am giving myself an extra month just for interviews in May and all of June to assemble and layout the books for publishing. In my time frame I have allowed an extra month just for finalizing details and working on getting the books published. I have a large network of people I am in regular contact with and I am very well known in the community as a music performer and city historian. This project is a labor of love and a true dedication to the talented musicians, artists, actors in our city whom dedicated most of their lives to the arts in our city. These books will be an amazing legacy to document an important time in Saskatoon's history and development. The books will be of interest to anyone involved in the arts or their relatives and/or interest in Saskatoon's history. This is a great resource book for future generations and an amazing reference tool for libraries and research. I have self published books in various topics in the past so I bring my experience and commitment to a major project such as this. Once this first set of books is completed I will do TV, radio and media interviews, promotion for the series as well as a new dedicated website. This will help establish the series and help work on continuing it. I am also able to create a video documentary series interviewing the participants for those who give permission to be filmed and posted publicly either on TV or the internet. I am sure this book series will have even more success in the future and will receive even more participation from others in the arts once they are aware of this project. I have set March 1st 2019 as the deadline to have all 3 books completed and ready for printing. This is the beginning of a great new body of work. This series of books will help promote the arts and history of my city in a format that is fun and educational for all that read it. I would greatly appreciate assistance in financial living expenses due to spending 50 hours a week collecting newspaper documents and even more additional hours per week discussing and interviewing.

Publication grant. Music, drama , art and culture scene of Saskatoon SK in the 1960's.
Series of books. Thousands of articles and interviews.

I have started to compile the data and am putting in over 50 hours a week. I have 20 years worth of two newspapers to read through which is approx 250,000 pages - I am very thorough and am pulling clippings. By the time I am done I expect to have over 25,000 newspaper clippings saved for the books. Interviews will be filmed for posterity and we hope will turn into a TV series as well.
In the past few years many of Saskatoon's elite performers have died including Kenny Shields (Streetheart). This project needs to happen now to document this aging community and tell their stories of the most exciting growth era in Canadian popular music history. The book will cover hundreds of performers in the arts from folk singers to rock bands to University Choirs. The Saskatchewan Music scene has unfortunately never been well documented and I want to tackle this important topic before its too late. We want to reach out to the community with potential lecture series, continued series will further document the Saskatoon original music scene, documenting the achievements of our community.